Main research topics of the ISD are biomechanics, the finite element method, and environmental mechanics.

The ISD pursues diverse resarch interests, connecting experts from various fields such as aerospace, civil, and electrical engineering as well as mathematics, physics, and medicine. Support comes through cooperations with research partners, grants from government projects such as the DFG, DAAD and HORIZON2020 or industrial partners such as Thyssen Krupp AG.

Scales important for simulation of a human liver.


From single lobuli to the whole organ, biomechanical research is trying to bridge vastly different behaviour on several scales. One such project implores the effects of pharmaceuticals and flow constrictions on detoxification and fatty liver syndrome. This work is done in cooperation with the Medical University of Jena.

Further interest is in mechanical properties of articular cartilage and its dependency on fiber distribution and alignment.

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Foundational Research in FEM

Historically, the ISD can be called the cradle of the finite element method especially in Germany. The available expertise is used for gaining new insights and an advanced understanding of the intricacies of FEM.
A special focus is it's application to the Theory of Porous Media and model order reduction techniques.

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Typical chemical reactions in a landfill site.

Environmental Mechanics

Environmental mechanics ranks highly among the modern and most important topics today. Here, the quantitative influence of bacterial methane oxidization in landfill sites and its mechanical reaction to this stimulus is investigated, as well as remediation activities in soil.

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Uncertainty Quantification

When developing a theoretical model for real world phenomena, one often has to neglect a few circumstances to get towards a suitable representation one can work with easily. In most cases, the assumptions being made deviate from the actual behaviour of the system under consideration.
Uncertainty quantification is the field of determining these systematic errors and statistical evaluation of their influence in numerical simulations.

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Rebecca Katzer

Rebecca Katzer


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